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so this thing is dead right? well we have a phoenix down so lets giterdun [i did not just say that] Oct. 30th, 2004 @ 01:26 am
alright so we have all stopped using this community and if you are arent an asshole you should read this and reply to it. dont be an asshole. now as community admin id have to say this is dead but contrary to this fact i would like for anyone who is a member to do something to try to bring it back ta revive it-and yes, if anyone wants to be an admin with me i will allow it. just ask.

plz dont let us die, i mean we are awesome..... right? :-?
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cooooommmmmmeeeee oooonnn =( Sep. 18th, 2004 @ 06:47 pm
you guys havent done my awesome contest or awesome pool yet!!!!! >(
oh yeah and read my answer to the survey. but the contest and poll take presedence over the survey.

answer me these questions ........ 3? Sep. 17th, 2004 @ 06:28 pm

what do you think is most awesome about yourself

what is your favorite color

do you like anime

if so; do you consider yourself otaku?

how much money [minimum] would i have to pay you to eat human feces

go to this site and tell me what you think of it

what is most important to you about a person of the opposite sex

are you a highly sexual person

do you believe in sex before love

are you a virgin

is it by will

do you do drugs

is it by will

how much money would i have to pay you to have what was in the link above happen to you? [minimum]

do you believe in fairies

....wow i think im going to stop that pic is really making me do things. rofl. its just so fucked up. you know?

Sep. 17th, 2004 @ 05:28 pm
granmas or granpaws?

make an icon for the community. the icon can be anything. the best icon will be choosen by poll. the winner will get something secret..... idk something cool; im up for ideas. we need a fucking icon.

...damn im getting soo lazy

... Sep. 11th, 2004 @ 03:58 pm
I'm leaving. See you guys later.
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» application complete
.o0 application to join awesome_mb 0o.

-Do people really have to amount to being horribley stupid all the time, in your thought?
-What is your favorite curse word?
-Would you eat menstrual fleshies for $20?
-Is Chelly-Belly Super Duper, liek, hawt? O_o
-What is your favorite season of "The Real World??
-Do X you X rock X the X pads X like X Maxx X ?
-Is there really anyone shorter then me (Jessica)?
-will you send jacci n00dz?
-will you fuck wayne? he's teh sexxx
-um....why are scenesters so dumb?
-denny's or waffle house?
-favorite episode of pete and pete?
-reason to live?
-why does hoyt suck so much?
-What is your favorite DDR Song?
-Where is your favorite place to play DDR?
-What is the best city ever?
-if you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?


yes or no?

so fill out the app if you want and post it in your journal or whatever. and do the poll too.
» hell yeah bishs

okay everyone come up with 3 more questions for the application; okey?
i do have a new poll tho!!!!


what number am i thinking of? [1-10]
starting today; at least once every week i will start be comeing up with polls, mission, surveys, contests, and anything else i can think of. this will be entirely to entertain you because we all know that the then entertained person doesnt change the channel, if you know what i mean.

due to the fact that no one seems to like the applications nor do they wish to fill them out we will be making a new one.


all members must create one question for the new survey. all people waiting to join the community must come up with one question [this will replace the application for the time being]. the new survey will replace the old application. the question you com up with may be anything you want it to be. ANYTHING!!!11ONE


do you think that i should spam im_fabulous with all of the applications ive recieved? [remember this could provoke drastic measures to be taken on there part]
» (No Subject)
weeeeeeeee! im an awesome person in myrtle beach! woot for me! for i am awesome!!!!!!! or maybe its just that i know maxx.....*sad thoughts of not being awesome anymore* lol whoosh! bye byes
» come join us, you know you want to, all the cool kids are doing, you want to be cool dont you?
ok so everyone whos awesome and lives in myrtle come join. you should know who you are. just fill out the app and sendereare.

i need a cooler layout but im lazy. if you are awesome at icons [ie chelsea] would you be willing to make one for this awesome community?
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